Liquid V for Women
Female Stimulating Gel

Liquid V for Women is a maximum strength topical gel that amplifies sexual pleasure for women immediately on contact. It is formulated to help increase clitoral sensitivity for women who want to enhance their personal experiences. …Latex friendly!
Magic Stamina
Male Climax Control Spray

Magic Stamina Climax Control Spray is formulates to help delay ejaculation and prolong sexual pleasure. Magic Stamina Climax Control Spray gives the user assurance that they will have what it takes when it comes to that special moment. …Latex friendly!
Penile Enhancement Formula

Size Rx is a topical lotion that was specifically formulated to last up to 24 hours, and to help open blood vessels and expand capillaries. This formulation improves sensation and firmness. Even without an erection you will notice more fullness and added size.
…Latex friendly!
Pure Ecstasy

Flavored Stimulating Gel amplifies and formulated to help increase blood flow and sensation while adding flavor to your moist intimate areas.

ASP Dietary Supplement Advanced Sexual Performance Aid for Men
No more downtime during those Intimate Moments! Works in as little as 30 minutes and can last up to 6 hours.
Liquid V for Men
Male Stimulating Gel

Liquid V for Men is the most amazing product on the market today which allows a man to experience the maximum sensation during intimate activity. This product amplifies sexual pleasure for men. …Latex friendly!
Aurapur Dietary Supplement for Men & Women
A Breakthrough for Men & Women. A safe, all-natural supplement, specifically formulated to not only elevate mood and enhance libido but also helps relieve stress and mild anxiety. Works in as little as 20 minutes and can last up to 12 hours.

Formulated to help:
♥ Elevate Mood
♥ Increase Libido
♥ Improve Intimacy
♥ Reduce Stress and Mild Anxiety
Stay Hard
Climax Control Lubricant

Stayhard Lubricant is a water-based formulation for men to help increase male stamina. Formulated to help maintain erectile hardness during intimate activity and allows you to please your partner every time. …Latex friendly!
Intimate Mist
Spray Lubricant

This is a fun and exciting way to apply personal lubrication to the body. It is safe, easy to use and sprays on evenly with less mess. Latex friendly
Tightening Gel is formulated to help contract the muscles so they give a tighter feel and make the moment way more pleasurable.
Flavor Blast

Flavored waterbased lubricating gel will get the excitement started with a delicious blend of flavor. Designed to satisfy every adult's taste buds.

Prolong Delay Gel for Men
Prolonging Gel for Men

Prolong is a very effective lubricants that helps to delay ejaculation while providing premium lubrication, therefore increasing the time of pleasure. …Latex friendly!
Extreme Glide Lubricant
Silicone Based

Extreme Glide is a 100% silicone-based, concentrated moisturizer for exceptional personal lubrication. Formulated for the individual who wants the extreme lubricant that is never sticky or tacky and stays slippery even under water! …Latex friendly!
Supreme Lubricant
Water Based Gel

Supreme Gel lubricant is a water- based, latex friendly lubricant formulated with a combination of natural and modern ingredients to achieve the highest obtainable level of lubrication. This formula works in harmony with your body to protect against friction.
Ultra Glide Lubricant
Water Based

Ultra Glide lubricant is a water based, latex friendly lubricant specifically formulated for the individual who wants a slight amount of lubrication yet retain maximum feeling.


ASP bottle display. 6pcs ASP 2 pill packet display. 16pcs Aurapur 2 pill packet display. 16pcs Aurapur bottle display. 6pcs
Liquid V for Women 50pcs tube display Liquid V for Women 6 bottle display Liquid V for Men 50pcs tube display Liquid V for Men 6 bottle display
Xtreme Lubricant 250pcs packet display jar Magic Stamina 12 bottle display Stayhard Lubricant 250pcs packet display jar Size RX 50pcs pillow pak display